Mother’s Day?


Getting back to the blog after a long absence, and the first new entry is inspired by the Mothers.

Mother’s Day is a time to thank that special woman who brought you into the world, the woman who raised you, the woman who wiped away your tears and celebrated your milestones. But to me, the name of this day is just not enough.

What about the grandmother who raises her grandchild when the mother is unable or unwilling to do it? What about the sister who takes in her husband’s family to raise up alongside her own when they have no place else to go? What about the aunts who step in to help the child left behind by their mother? What about the stranger who takes a child into her home when they are sick or hurting and alone? Or all of those other women in your life who have been there to give you that little something you needed?

Being a mother simply cannot be defined with only the narrow terms of giving birth to a child. Too often we have seen these women disgrace that sacred honor, so then how can we continue to judge motherhood by that single detail?

Do you call it Nurturer’s Day? No, because then we would be forgetting all about those incredible men in our lives who have cared for and nurtured us over the years. So, being stuck with Mother’s Day, we are left to come up with a better definition for a mother.

For me, a mother is more than the incredible woman who gave me life and cared for my every need growing up. She is also the great grandmother who read to me every night she spent with us, and taught me to call everyone Ma’am and Sir, because all human beings deserved my respect. She is the best friend of a parent who showed me another strong, capable woman to model my life after. She is the minister who believed in my abilities and helped me to find a path to follow. She is the friend who has reached out to me when I’ve struggled to offer a helping hand and a sympathetic shoulder. The mothers in my world have enriched my life in ways I could never even begin to count.

But there are so many more mothers out there to be celebrated. The foster mothers, the stepmothers, the grandmothers, the aunts, the sisters, the teachers, the mentors, the counselors, and the hundreds of other variations I can only begin to imagine. So, on this Mother’s Day, thank your mother, treat her right, but don’t forget all of those other women in your life who have made a difference, and who helped make you the person you are today.

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  1. Thank you.

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