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The Connection is the Whole Point


I am a HUGE history nut. This is not unknown to anyone who’s ever driven around town with me. Sometimes, it’s like traveling with your very own tour guide, whether you like it, or not!

For this, I blame my father. I’ve lost track of the times we’ve “gone for a ride” to check out some place he read about, or saw in a documentary. Not to mention all the trips down his memory lane we’ve taken over the years. My siblings would just humor him, most of the time, but I always looked forward to those drives. For me, it was about making a tangible connection to the past.

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Family Traditions


Tonight was very bittersweet for me, because a more than 30 year tradition was upheld, but it’s sad due to the fact that it may be the last time. Tonight I went to see the incredible and inspiring Red Tails with my father (and my baby brother tagged along). Me and my Dad have gone to see every George Lucas movie in the theatres since 1977, when he took me to my very first “indoor movie” to see Star Wars. But that tradition appears to be ending tonight, with the news that George Lucas is retiring from the blockbuster business.

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Book Pimping – The “F” Word by Jesse Sheidlower


So, I got this book the other night for my Kindle Fire, and I am totally in love. It’s so much more than just another humor piece. It’s truly a treatise on the use of language itself. The fact that the foreword is written by Lewis Black certainly did not hurt its curb appeal for me.

I’m going to give you a couple examples of this book’s brilliance now, and you can decide for yourselves if it’s worth your time.

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