Well, that didn’t go like I planned at all…


Huh… Has it really been eleven months without a single post? Sheesh! That’s just all kinds of wrong.

So, what’s been keeping me from taking the time to sit down and write anything? Well, I am currently researching fourteen different (sort of ) family trees, for myself and various friends/family. Went to California for a friend’s wedding, and got to actually experience the area this time. I spend a fair amount of time at Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum managing the X-Wing exhibit, not to mention all the X-Wing stuff I have to do. Then there’s Denver Comic Con, which has turned into the a year-long gig. Two more extended trips to the hospital for my Dad. My little brother bought a farm (not THE farm, a real farm  ten miles past the middle of freaking nowhere). My baby brother got married. My sister broke her hip (yes, my younger sister). There’s the list of events I also manage, but that hasn’t changed much, so no point rehashing that. Oh yeah, and I got pneumonia again, in addition to being diagnosed with asthma this year (apparently after ten trips on the pneumonia train, there’s a lot of damage in there).

I’d like to say that this is an unusual amount of stuff to happen during a given year, but quite frankly, we all know better. I guess the real truth of the matter is that I am the thing that’s changing. It’s harder to focus on twelve things moving around at the same time. I move a lot slower and so things take longer to get done. I’ve also come to the startling realization that I can’t actually do everything all the time (yes, I am a slow learner), and I’ve been working on that whole “asking for help” stuff people have been preaching at me for years.

Right now I am working on trying to get some things into better order, focusing on my health so I can get back on track, and figuring out better ways to use my time and to share the load with others willing to fill the need with their amazing talents. It’s not an overnight transition, but a journey. One that I hope will continue for the rest of my days.

And so, on this day of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for these chances to learn and grow, and for the friends and family who have and continue to support me on this journey.

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