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2013 in Reflection…


…and what lies ahead.

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Life Gets in the Way


I’ve been trying really hard to keep a once a week schedule with this blog, but that was interrupted last week. The reason for that is simple…life gets in the way.

This is an insanely busy time for most people, and I am no different. Where I diverge from the pack is that my “holiday season” begins in October. Every year for the last six, I help organize the annual Halloween Party at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a fair amount of work pulling it together every year. Usually I get a short break after that, but this year I helped with the museum’s annual gala as well. The reason for this was the guest of honor; Harrison Ford. After much wrangling and a lot of wishful thinking, we were able to get him to also sign the X-Wing before he left for the night. It was a serious high-point in my work with the museum, and we raised a considerable sum of money to keep the doors open and the programs running.

Then we are headlong into November, and that means Thanksgiving, and for me, it also means birthdays. It would appear that the people in my family are BIG fans of Spring, because there are ten birthdays in my immediate family starting from the middle of November and going well into January. Throw in Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah and New Years (all holidays people in my life celebrate), plus the birthdays of a few godchildren and cousins, and you’ve got one seriously insane ride for about three months every year.

Now, you also have to add in holiday parties (both the company kind and the friends kind), and shopping, and friends coming in from out of town, and end of year stuff at work, and charity projects, and side work, and…. I think you get the idea, right? Basically, busy doesn’t even begin to cover it around this time of year.

It takes some serious effort to just sit down and write about the things going on in my head, or really, any kind of writing other than that stuff I get paid for. So, when I get a few minutes to try and collect those thoughts, I have to remind myself to be grateful for being so insanely busy this time of year.

Why should I be grateful for such a hectic way of life? That’s easy!

  • I am grateful I have a mother who volunteers me for any number of tasks, because it means she is here and alive and contributing to my life.
  • I am grateful that I have all these siblings who demand my attention with their troubles and woes, because it means they are including me in their lives and blessing me with the joy of their children.
  • I am grateful that my work is demanding so much of my focus, even when the drama hits a high, or my projects hit a snag, because it means I have a job that pays my bills and affords me the luxury of health insurance and a roof over my head when so many others have none of that.
  • I am grateful that my time is stretched to the absolute limits with the demands of so many projects, because it means that I am alive and well and able to contribute to my community in ways both great and small.
  • And I am grateful for those few precious moments when I can sit down and put all of those thoughts into words and share them with others.

Thank you for giving me something else to be grateful for, and may each of you find yourselves at a loss for time when life gets in your way. Happy Holidays to All!


A Day of *grumble* Thanks


There is nothing harder in this life than trying to put together a list of things you are grateful for when you find yourself in a sensationally foul mood. When work is trying, when your health is nagging at you, when the world feels like it’s coming down around your shoulders, and all you want to do is find a nice dark space to curl up and grumble in, how can you be thankful for anything?

Then I realized, that even with my foul mood there were people who still wanted me around. Friends who listen to me grouse and grumble about every little thing and wait out the storm. Siblings who never let my mood get in the way of giving me grief to take me out of the funk. Nieces and nephews who don’t even notice my scowl when they wrap their arms around me and say, “Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Jenn!” And then there’s my parents.

My parents are subtle in the ways they change the big things. Little stuff is big and loud, but the important stuff they handle with oddly silent and, on the surface, unnoticeable grace. My father will inevitably put the kids up to something to draw me out; either begging to make some special craft or just a game of cards (I have never been able to resist the cards), and then go on like nothing’s wrong. But my mother, probably my greatest source of strength, is the one with all the answers. She just hands me the cutting board and a knife and expects me to get busy. And I know, it’s not always about how you feel, it’s about putting yourself into something else and knowing that it’s what you can do for someone else that makes it better.

So, for my parents, for my family, for my friends, and for all the people in my life, I am eternally grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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