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Halloween Activities


I have always loved Halloween, because I love costumes. From my very first costume as a clown made by my mother and the lady across the street when I was 18 months old, through to my closet full of costumes on a monthly rotation at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. I am a costumer and I am proud of it.

But more than that, I am also a Star Wars fan. I am a card carrying member of that proud group of lunatics who dress up in costumes from those movies, buy toys, read books and gobble up any new media that follows that universe created by George Lucas. Most of all, I am honored to have the privilege of working with the folks at Lucasfilm to manage and maintain the X-Wing Fighter replica they send all over the country for various promotional spots and events.  It lives here in Colorado at WOTR, but it has seen a lot of miles, and today was no exception.

I got to see all of my hard work live in Rockefeller Plaza this morning as the hosts and staff of the Today Show debuted their annual Halloween Show. And it looked fantastic!

Please check out the whole thing on their website, and enjoy some of what I do in the name of sharing my love of Star Wars and Costuming with others.

And for anyone in the Denver area tomorrow, come on out to Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum for the annual Hauntings at the Hangar Halloween Party. Stormtroopers, Jedi, and a whole host of other costumed folks will be there to help your little ones enjoy a safe and Happy Halloween!

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